Why Do People Need Resume Writing Services Reviews?

So you decided to start applying for a job, and you need resume writing help. That’s easy to understand. Thanks to professional resume writers, you can make your skills, interests, experience, and knowledge look more appealing on paper. The resume writing is supposed to make an impact on a potential employer, so it will increase your chances to get an interview.

The only question is: what resume writing service do you choose? If you hit Google, you’ll get an endless list of websites that offer such assistance. The first results of Google are not necessarily the top resume writing services. The search engine evaluates the quality of the website, and it’s not impossible for a bad service to get in the top results if it has a good website and a great search engine optimization strategy. The search engine can’t evaluate the quality of the products for you. That’s exactly why the resume writing service reviews are so important.

What Will You Get from Our Resume Reviews?

We are an independent team of reviewers, who give you the truth about professional resume writing services. Instead of picking a random service from Google’s results, you’re finally able to compare the features, prices, and actual quality of various services in a single place.

These reviews are not based on simple evaluation of the features and prices. We place orders from the websites, so we evaluate the quality the writer delivers, as well as the customer service we get throughout the process. Keep in mind that we cannot possibly review every single writer of the service we analyze. However, the order we place gives us a general impression of the professional resume writing service we’re reviewing.

Now, onto the good stuff. What’s the best resume writing service for you? We’ve evaluated plenty of writing agencies, and we created a top list of the ones that deserve your attention. Check it out:

Top Rates Resume Writing Services

  1. Careers Booster

This is the biggest factor of appeal for this resume writing agency: you get a guarantee for an interview when you place an order. They give you a guarantee for more interviews if you order a package of services. If you don’t get an interview, they will rewrite the resume for free.

They have a team of dedicated experts in various fields. If, for example, you need a resume that will launch you in the IT industry, the service will pair you with a writer who’s qualified to write top-notch resumes in that niche.

We ordered a package of resume + cover letter writing, which costs $139. That’s a pretty reasonable price for this workload. If you don’t want a package, you can get an individual resume, LinkedIn profile, CV, or cover letter. Editing services are available, too. The prices for a resume start from $109.

Once we completed the order form and provided career information for the resume we wanted to get, the service allowed us to communicate with the writer in charge of the order. The resume writer followed all instructions and delivered a flawless job application document by the deadline. The cover letter was good stuff, too. It represented the job candidate as a motivated person with all the right skills and knowledge for the particular position. It was focused on one main argument: why this is the right person for that company and how he can contribute to its growth.

  1. Resumes Planet

This is one of the most popular services in this category. For a good reason! The company delivers top-notch work based on the customers’ guidelines. The level of satisfaction in the reviews is huge. We placed an order and our assumption was confirmed: this is a good service to rely on.

The services are pretty much the same as the ones you can get on other high-quality websites. You can get writing and editing assistance for resumes, CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. The prices for resumes start from $89.95. That’s a really affordable price considering the level of quality you get.

It was extremely easy to place an order and work with the writer. We simply chose the service we wanted (a professional-level resume for a job applicant in the marketing industry), and we were connected with a writer qualified in the relevant category. The writer crafted a creative resume in a unique format, which is necessary for this industry. This is the kind of resume that immediately catches the attention of a potential employer, without making you look tacky.

  1. Career Perfect

This is not the best website we’ve come across to. It seems outdated. However, we never base our impressions on the website, so of course we placed an order to see how this writing service performed.

The list of services is not extensive. You can only get resume writing help, as well as sample resumes, which are available at most other websites of this category. In addition, the team provides professional interview advice. Cover letters are only available in a package with the resume. We ordered a deluxe resume of professional & mid-career level, in a package with a cover letter. This is a service that costs $249.95. Not the cheapest offer, but it’s an okay price for a high-quality package of job application documents.

The resume we got was highly professional. The writer paid attention to all details and delivered a clean, traditional resume that met the requirements. The cover letter complemented the resume in a great way. It showcased the candidate as a proper fit for the particular organization.

  1. Resume Edge

The forte of this service is in its writers – the team includes professional writers with experience in 40+ fields. The resumes and other types of application documents are focused, reliable, and suitable for the industry the candidate aims to. The list of services is focused around resume writing, cover letters, and development of professional-looking social media pages.

The only downside is the lack of transparency regarding the pricing. You don’t get clear prices; you’ll have to start the ordering process to get an offer from the service. However, the prices they set are still reasonable, and the writers deliver great quality for the money. As soon as we placed the order, a representative of the team contacted us for a 45-minute phone interview.

She asked insightful questions and got all information she needed for the resume. The first draft was ready in less than a week, and it needed only minor improvements. The writer took care of the final touches and delivered the highly professional resume we expected.

  1. Top Resume

This is one of the fanciest websites we’ve seen. However, too much focus on the visual appeal made it difficult for us to navigate through the site and find the information we needed. Nevertheless, this is an okay agency that deserved a spot on our top list of resume writing services. The best thing about it is that it provides one-on-one support from professional writers.

The resumes are provided in three different packages: Professional Growth, Career Evolution, and Executive Priority. With the first package, you only get a resume. The Career Evolution package includes a cover letter, and Executive Priority includes all that plus a LinkedIn profile makeover and 48-hour turnaround.

We ordered a Career Evolution package, which includes a resume and cover letter. It costs $189. That’s more expensive when compared to the top 2 services on our list, but the resume was not as good. We received a traditional resume that was acceptable, but not impressive. The writer was available for communication, and she did follow our instructions. However, the result was too plain for the price.

The cover letter on the other hand, was great. We received unique content that would definitely get a hiring manager’s attention. For this price, though, we expected more from the whole package.

Watch Out! It’s Not Easy to Choose the Perfect Resume Service

Before you choose a website to order a resume from, it’s important to understand that not all teams deliver what they promise. These are the potential pitfalls:

  • You may get plagiarized content.

  • The resume may be based on a template. If that’s the case, the hiring manager won’t pay attention to it. They get tons of these resumes on a daily basis, so yours has to be unique in content and format.

  • You may end up paying more than expected. Unreliable services add extra charges after you complete the order.

  • You might not get the job applications documents on time.

  • Although most services guarantee direct contact with the writer, the customers don’t always get that luxury. You need to work together with the writer if you want a resume that conveys your personality.

To avoid these bad scenarios, it’s important to base your decision on other people’s experience. Hopefully, our reviews will lead you in the right direction. We made an effort to evaluate different aspects of the top services, including the quality they deliver. Make a smart choice!