How Can Reading Reviews of Resume Writing Services Help You?

So, you have realized that you're gonna need resume writing help. However, the problem is that you have no idea which service to choose. As soon as you start googling it hoping to come across some of the most professional resume writing services, you realize that there are simply too many of them. This is the reason why familiarizing yourself with a few resume writing services reviews can really come in handy. You will get a detailed description of each of the services, as well as make an informed decision based on pros and cons of each of the companies.

What can we do for you?

Surely, you do not have all the time in the world which is why looking for some well-written reviews seems like the most reasonable option. Luckily, there are a few independent teams of reviewers who provide detailed analysis of top resume writing services which makes your life much easier.

We are one of such independent teams. With us, you will easily learn more about the prices, features, pros and cons of each resume writing agency. As a result, making a decision will be simpler as well. If you want to choose the best resume writing service to help you with crafting your own resume, checking out our reviews is the first step you need to take.

Best resume writing services


We are not gonna lie when we say that is one of the best resume writing services on the market. Their team of experts will eagerly help you with resume writing and editing, crafting cover letters, as well as setting up and editing your LinkedIn profile. Whatever you need, they are here for you. What is particularly great about this service is that they know how to make certain your resume gets noticed. In addition to that, they know how to make sure that yours will not be blocked by ATS. The prices for resume writing services differ depending on the level: entry, professional or top executive. If you have zero or less than three years of work experience, you can get an entry-level resume written by an expert writer only for $80. In case there is quite a lot you can already tell a potential employer, opt for a professional resume from this service which will cost you only $100. If you are aiming for the top executive level and don’t feel like crafting a resume yourself, boost your career by getting reliable help from an expert. This agency will provide you with a unique top executive level resume for $120. We can safely say that prices are very affordable considering how much work goes into helping you craft these, as well as how well-written the final draft will be. Apart from that, you can apply for a free revision of your resume, as well as get your money back in case the service fails to provide you a top-notch piece of writing.

Top Resume

This service guarantees to open more doors for you, and it looks like they are able to deliver. When you order a resume from this service, you will also get one-on-one support from the expert writer, apart from getting a perfectly crafted document. Their team of professionals knows how to craft a resume in such a way that it tells your career story, rather than simply provides the potential employer with information on how many workplaces you have changed so far. According to the testimonials by the customers, it looks like getting a resume from this service has helped a lot of people get more job interviews which is promising. It is also with checking out customer success stories which you will come across on their website. You will definitely get inspired, as well as might even be motivated to use this service to get resume writing help.

Careers Booster

Well, you must have at least heard about this service as it is very popular. Like previous services, this one also has a team of professionals who are willing to help you make your resume stand out. The agency offers a variety of packages: resume+CV for $245; cover letter+resume for $155; resume+cover letter+follow-up letters for $195 and so on. What is more, this agency also guarantees a free revision if you do not get a job interview in 30 days. What is important to highlight about this service is that they often offer discount deals, so it is worth visiting their website from time to time to get a better deal. The company guarantees that you will receive your resume or CV within the specified time frame as they do not tolerate delays, so you won’t have to worry about getting this document last minute. In addition, you get to communicate with the writer who is working on your resume throughout the whole process which can be very handy.

Resume Edit Service

This company has been on the market for a while, so a lot of people know that they can expect high quality of services when they place an order on the website. Due to many years of experience in the field of resume writing assistance, their team knows how to make each resume original and make sure that it helps a candidate get more job interviews and eventually succeed at getting the job of their dreams. With more than 6700 satisfied customers, it is not surprising why this service is considered to be so good at what they do. What is interesting to highlight is that their team can even write a resume in 24 hours. It will cost more, of course. Yet, it is a great option for those customers that are in a hurry. In case you are merely looking for assistance with resume writing and can wait, you can get a perfectly written document in 5 days and pay only $94 for it. It’s a great deal! Placing an order is easier than ever. You are merely required to fill out a simple order form and to provide information on your work experience and educational background. Then, one of their professional writers gets to work. You will be provided with a resume in which all your strengths are highlighted, so you get more job interviews which means that your chances of getting a well-paid job increase. If you need a resume and a CV or a follow up letter, check out the package deals this service offers. This is a great opportunity to save some money. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support team. They are available all year round and are always ready to help you.

How to choose a resume writing service

Taking into account the number of available agencies, choosing the service you are going to work with can be quite challenging. That is the reason why our team has come up with a list of criteria the company should meet. Pay extra attention to these factors if you want to be provided with the best services: The agency should be operating in this field for a while They offer a money-back guarantee The service provides custom-written content There is an option of a free revision The company can guarantee that your resume will not get blocked by ATS Don’t forget to check out previous customers’ testimonials before you place an order on the website of an agency. You need to gather as much information as possible about the service. That is the reason why our team works so hard to provide you with independent reviews of resume writing services - we want you to be able to make an informed and smart decision.